Swimming Carnival 2023

We are thrilled to announce Cardinia Life are hosting a Swimming Carnival for our amazing swim school students!

When: Sun 02 April 2023, 2-4pm

The carnival brings our superstar students together to show off their progress in swimming lessons! The day brings loads of fun and gives our students a chance to experience a race in a relaxed atmosphere, with the emphasis being on participation in a non-competitive environment.

Race events will be held for school age levels 4L & above. These will be held in the 25m pool and include Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly with a fun “Race your Teacher” or Parent race” to finish the day!

Novelty events will be held for the younger swimmers and will include noodle & torpedo races, floating competitions and a 15m freestyle race for able swimmers.  

We encourage family members and friends (personal cheer squad) to join us and make some noise while the kids race down the pool! We’re all winners and the kids receive ribbons on their achievements!

To participate on the day please complete the Carnival Entry Form HERE. Entries will close Monday 27 March 2023.

This is a FREE event for swim school families and includes venue entry for the family and up to four races per student.

Outdoor pool opening hours

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