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Group fitness

Choose from more than 150 live and virtual group fitness classes each week to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Being a member is the most affordable way to take advantage of our group fitness classes at Cardinia Life on a regular basis, however casual participants are always welcome!


Group fitness classes


Inspired by ballet, designed to tone postural muscles and build core strength. This class is a combination of cardio and strength.
30 minutes

Body Balance

A blend of yoga, tai chi and Pilates to build your flexibility and strength through controlled breathing, stretches and poses.
55 minutes

Body Combat

Inspired by martial arts, this is a high-energy non-contact cardio workout. Kick and punch your way to fitness.
55 minutes

Body Pump

A strength and conditioning class that uses barbells and weights to target all muscle groups.
55 minutes


Strengthen your core with this dynamic training that uses resistance bands and weight plates.
30 minutes

Core 45

Strengthen your core with this dynamic training that uses resistance bands and weight plates. With extra core conditioning sequences.
45 minutes


A class to help develop core strength and coordination through traditional Pilate’s movement patterns, the use of breath and correct alignment.
55 minutes

Strong Movers

Low-impact full body workout that will improve strength, flexibility, fitness and mobility. Designed for older adults, but suitable for all fitness levels.
55 minutes

Tai Chi

A class that promotes balance and flexibility. Tai Chi can also help to improve circulation and is great for arthritis.
55 minutes


Designed to enhance vitality and a sense of well-being, the class provides all the classical Hatha yoga postures.
55 minutes

Cycle classes


An indoor cycle workout delivering maximal results with minimal impact. Travel through hills, flats and peaks.
50 minutes


High-Intensity Interval Training using an indoor bike. Combines bursts of intensity, with periods of rest to achieve results fast.
30 minutes

Aqua fitness classes

Aqua Movers

A fun water-based class to improve mobility, flexibility, and strength. Suitable for all fitness levels.
45 minutes

Gentle Aqua

Water-based class with modified low-impact exercises at an achievable pace. Suitable for beginners.
45 minutes

Water Workout

Water-based class with more energetic moves. Great workout without any stress on your joints.
45 minutes

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