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19 March, 2024

*The outdoor pool status will be updated at 4pm everyday.

People of Cardinia – The Meehan Family

The Meehan family have been swimming at Cardinia Life for over 5 years. The 3 girls Charli, Elli and Bryli all started swimming at Cardinia Life as pre-schoolers and have progressed through all our preschool levels and are currently working their way up through our school aged levels.

2020 was a challenging year filled with lots of remote learning for the 3 girls. They missed their lessons and being able to come down for a play swim on the weekend but more than anything missed the social interaction that comes from school and afterschool activities. When we asked their mum Rachel how they found returning to swimming after such a long time away due to lockdown last year she said ‘The girls were very excited to be able to return to the pool.

I was concerned there would have been a big skill drop off, but they were okay and with the support of the teaching staff the girls are back in lessons and at the correct level for their skill. The teachers were particularly fantastic at encouraging the students that were anxious and nervous about returning to lessons.’

They love that they can come to the pool as a family on weekends and during the school holidays at no additional cost. As a family of 5 it’s a great activity that the whole family can enjoy together while also building valuable lifesaving skills.

Charli, Elli and Bryli love their swimming and couldn’t be happier to be back at the pool and in swim lessons.

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