Outdoor Pool Status

6 March, 2024

*The outdoor pool status will be updated at 4pm everyday.

People of Cardinia – John Peterson

Today we celebrate the success of John Peterson, who has been a member of Cardinia Life for the past 14 year, but has completely transformed his lifestyle over the past year losing close to 30 kilograms. John’s dedication is second to none, making sure he spends 6 days per week at the gym, doing a mixture of cardio and weight based training.  With the recent mandatory closures of the gym, he has remained dedicated to his exercise, and will always make sure he goes for a walk if he cannot go to the gym. John has been working closely with John & Jovana in the Health Club, as well as his own dieticians in order to plan every workout & every meal to align with his goals. His current goal is to achieve a body weight of 85kg.

Join us in congratulating John on transforming his health & wellbeing, and let’s give him plenty of encouragement to reach his next goal. Well done John!

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