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19 March, 2024

*The outdoor pool status will be updated at 4pm everyday.

People of Cardinia – Giuseppina Di.pietro

Meet Giuseppina! Would you believe us if we told you that Giuseppina has just celebrated her 91st birthday? What an achievement. Giuseppina has been coming to Cardinia Life for over 7 years. She comes with her friends and fellow members of the Southern Migrant Refugee Centre.

Her favourite thing about Cardinia Life is the fact that she can come to the gym to exercise but also see some friendly faces, like Rose, John and Emma.

She believes the secret for staying motivated is to keep exercise a social activity. “I come because I know I will see my friends, and together we can enjoy our lunch, a laugh and a chat afterwards. My friends keep me coming.”

Guiseppina enjoys staying social and also gets out walking with friends twice a week. At 91 years old, she counts every day as a bonus, and is proud of herself for staying active and getting stronger every day. Her goal for the future is simply to “stay happy”!

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