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11 Dec 23

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Swim School Carnival

We finished off Term 1, with a spectacular Swim School Carnival! This event was a huge success with 170 pre-registered students and quite a few arrivals on the day!  Pool deck was a hive of activity and plenty of smiling faces from participants, parents, grandparents & friends.

It was fantastic to watch our students experience race events in a fun and relaxed environment, younger students in our lower levels also joined in on the fun and were assisted by some of our swim teachers. The highlight event was the “Lucky Duck Scramble” where 50 yellow ducks were thrown into the pool for our students to collect. The “No.1” duck won a large box of chocolate Favourites! And a further 8 ducks marked as “lucky” won a LSV Water Safety tog bag with water safety goodies inside!

Race ribbons were given to every participant that came 1st, 2nd or 3rd and the podium finish photos looked great! You can request your child’s photo by emailing

Here is some feedback from the day:

“I had the best fun”
“Can we do this every month”
“My youngest was very nervous but really enjoyed the activities in the program pool, and the teachers were so helpful”
“This event has been our highlight of attending Swimming so far”

We look forward to making this an annual event here at Cardinia Life! 

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