Updated Return to Sport Guidelines- Cardinia LIFE

Change of Return to Sport guidelines- As of 9/12/2020 1.00pm

Following from the Victorian Governments announcement on the 6th of December regarding the latest easing of restrictions, I am now happy to announce the following changes:

  • Spectators are welcomed back to attend games. Density Quotient of 1 x 4m2 rule applies so it is encouraged that still only those required to attend will be in attendance. If siblings/children are required to be in attendance, they are required to still remain with their parents while watching the game.
  • Attendance records still must be completed prior to each game. Must include spectator details also.
  • Teams will still only be permitted to enter Cardinia LIFE 10 minutes prior to their game commencing
  • Teams are still required to depart via the emergency exits located next to court 4 & Court 8
  • Only 2 balls are still permitted to be brought into the centre by a team coach or manager, and need to be placed away during game times.
  • Masks are still recommended however will not be enforced unless social distancing of 1.5m cannot be maintained. Coaches are not required to wear a mask.
  • All spectators are required to carry at all times.
  • Senior competitions will return to their original match length of 4×10 minute quarters for Netball and 2x20minute halves for basketball as of Monday December 14.
  • Junior competitions will remain at the reduced times for the remainder of the 2020 round robin competitions, to allow for the filtering in and out of the increase in spectators.

Please note these guidelines will remain in place until we break for Christmas, with details of further easing of restrictions in early January