Term 3 2017 will see our Learn to Swim program launch our Parent feedback week.

Monday 18 September – Sunday 17 September 2017

Parent & Teacher feedback sessions will only be running for the evening and weekend classes this term.



These sessions are designed to give the parents the opportunity to discuss their students progression with their teachers. These will be brief sessions where the teacher will highlight what they are working towards, and offer advice on areas to practice that will assist with progression.

How will the feedback run: At the sound of the bell, a cover teacher will enter the pool for a 10minute period, with the actual teacher hopping out of the water and locating themselves at the Aquatics desk to have a brief catch-up with any interested parents.

Extra Feedback: Should extra feedback be required, we ask that this request be placed with the Swim Captain at the desk, who will respond the following week.

Missed Feedback Session: Should your child be absent over the feedback week, then please visit the Swim Captain at the Aquatics desk, who can request feedback from the teacher at the end of the shift, and respond to you at the next lesson.

Regular teacher is away: Should your regular teacher be away over Feedback week, then the feedback will be given to you during the next week by the Swim Captain.

If you have any questions around this please see our friendly Swim Captains when you’re in next.


Swim School Team.