Welcome back to Swim School for 2017.

We are looking forward to an exciting year in the pool at Cardinia Life!

During November/December 2016 we ran our first Swim School Survey and based off the results we are pleased to advise the following:




Feedback & Student Progression:
Term 1 will see us launch our new online Assessment Module. This module sends parents an email as soon as a student has been assessed & has achieved a required swim skill. The Skill Assessments can happen in two ways:

  1. Skills can be assessed by the teacher in the class and will then be captured into the Assessment module over the next day or so.
  2. The skills get assessed during assessment weeks by the Swim School Captains with the update on the skills emailed as soon as the student has been assessed.

Please note:

  • Assessments can also be requested through the Swim Captains on Pool deck at any time.
  • Please ensure we have your current email address in order to receive these updates.

We are regularly communicating our Swim School news in various ways, to ensure you remain up to date with what’s happening you can find out information in the following ways:

  1. Aquatics Noticeboard – Located on the left side wall just before you enter pool deck, this will always have the teacher’s names, any cover teacher details and the Swim Captains name that is on duty. Any other relevant Swim School Information will be updated on this board too.
  2. Aquatics Desk – Located on pool deck this desk is manned by a Swim School Captain during evening classes and on weekends. At times the desk could be unmanned if the Swim Captain is required in the water.
  3. Cardinia Leisure Website – Check out the Swim School Page on our website for key dates and Frequently Asked Questions.
  4. Facebook – Become friends with Cardinia Life on Facebook where we regularly share news & updates relating to the Swim School.
  5. Front Desk – Our friendly staff at reception are always willing to help with any enquiries you might have.
  6. Emails – We send out a monthly Swim School update in our Community News, please be sure to check these for important information. To update your email address see our staff at the front desk.

Swimming on Public Holidays:

During the swim term, we will now be offering swim lessons as per normal on Public Holidays.

We wish all of our Swim School families a wonderful start to the new school and kinder year. We look forward to everybody being back at the pool soon!