Swim School Assessments

We are pleased to advise that we will be running our Term 1 swimming assessments over a two-week period.

Monday March 6 – Sunday March 19

We hope that by running the set assessments over a longer period we can catch more students and have a larger progression through the levels.



We will also be launching our new online assessment module in Term 1.

This module sends parents an email as soon as a student has been assessed and has achieved a required swim skill.

The skill assessments can happen in three ways:

  1. In class – by the teacher of the class – the assessments will then be captured into the assessment module over the next day or so.
  2. During an assessment week – by the Swim School Captain – the update on the skills will be emailed as soon as the student has been assessed.
  3. Assessment requests – through the Swim Captains on pool deck at any time.

Note: Please ensure we have your current email address to receive the updates.

As this will be our first time using this online module, we would welcome any feedback to ensure we are always delivering the information that our Swim School families are looking for.

If your student is moving up a level after an assessment, please make sure you visit the Swim School Captains at the Aquatics Desk to collect a Swim Level Certificate and to discuss the availability in the new level.

And “just keep swimming!”