#PeopleofCardinia – Mario Joly

Mario Joly and his wife joined Cardinia Life when they moved to Pakenham over 10 years ago and have been continuous members here ever since. Mario retired 12 years and considers it one of his greatest achievements that he has been able to maintain his overall fitness during that time through the regular exercise he gets here at Cardinia Life. Mario exercises here 5 to 6 days a week and can generally be found either on the treadmill in the health club, in an RPM class, swimming laps out on pool deck or in the café enjoying one of Nette’s coffees.

Mario says his secret to staying motivated with his exercise is to get straight back into it as soon as he returns from a holiday. His goal for the future is to keep exercising 5 to 6 days a week as he believes that exercising regularly has a major impact on your health.

Mario’s mother, daughter and granddaughter are now all members here so four generations of Mario’s family are all able to exercise together due to the range of programs and activities offered here at Cardinia Life which are suited to all different ages, interest and ability.


Mario says “the friendly and helpful staff make Cardinia Life a most enjoyable place to spend an hour or two regularly”.