Pakenham Regional Tennis Centre Hot Shots Program

Kids Tennis Hot Shots is more than just playing tennis, it is about having fun, learning through play, making friends and learning a sport you can play for life!

Hot Shots is for all kids aged 3 to 15 years wanting to learn the game of tennis.

Pakenham Regional Tennis Centre’s ANZ Hot Shots Coaching Program is designed by Tennis Australia to develop intelligent and skilled tennis players through a series of progressive stages, using smaller courts and modified equipment; lighter racquets and low-compression balls.

There are 4 Hot Shots stages to progress through, each targeting and building upon the different skills needed to play and enjoy tennis.

  • The first stage is the Blue Stage. This stage will help to stimulate motor skill development, build strength, balance, and general coordination. 3-5 years of age
  • The next is Red. Here, you will get an introduction to tennis, learn body coordination, spatial awareness, group interaction, and self-confidence. 5-8 years of age
  • Then Orange. At Orange stage the focus shifts to developing technique, the ability to rally, body coordination, plus challenge & concentration. 8-10 years of age
  • The final stage is Green. This stage teaches you to consolidate technique and swing patterns, game strategy, develop physical skills, discover the game, learn the rules and how to play competition. 9+ years of age

The centre offers Hot shots coaching sessions 5 days a week; Monday to Thursday after school and Saturday mornings.

No matter your skill and ability, there’s the right game for you!
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