Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day is today aiming to educate and raise awareness around mental health.

According to Mental Health Australia’s website 1 in 5 Australians are affected by mental illness, yet many don’t seek help.  Many of these affected could be family, friends and colleagues that we see every day. We can all do something to help those affected and shed a more positive light on mental health.

There are lots of activities that can help with mental well being including:

  • Taking time out for you- this could mean something as simple as reading a book, switching off technology and/or walking
  • The practice of self-compassion- being kind to yourself. We are human, understand that its OK to make mistakes and experience failures. Not being too harsh on ourselves.
  • Positive self-talk- encouraging ourselves in a positive way. Using words like, ‘You can do this’, ‘One step at a time’. There is research that supports the theory that a person who continually practices positive self-talk can improve his or her performance.
  • Food has the ability to impact our emotional and mental well-being in a variety of ways. Whether it is seeking ‘comfort food’ when you’ve had a bad day or cooking to relieve stress, food and our eating habits really do affect our mood.
  • Breathing Meditation- Being in the moment and focusing on your breathing. This practice can help you develop and improve patience, self-control, focus, creativity and becoming more aware of your thoughts,

It’s time to look at mental illness in a different light – a positive light.  For more information about mental health please follow the links below.

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