Life Fitness Insignia strength equipment is coming to Cardinia Life

With the support of the Shire of Cardinia, Aligned Leisure will be accepting the third and final stage of Life Fitness Australia’s instalment of new health club equipment at Cardinia Life.

This stage includes the installation of brand new Life Fitness insignia strength equipment through Cardinia Life’s Health Club from the 23rd to the 25th of June 2021.

Life Fitness is a global leader of the fitness industry and their commercial fitness products have a reputation for being durable, reliable and on the cutting edge of both technology and design. The new equipment being installed includes;

“We are committed to ensuring our members have innovative and state of the art equipment, and are thrilled the new equipment that will be installed in June” said Paige Kristalyn, Cardinia Leisure Manager. “Our partnership with Life Fitness  provides a wonderful opportunity for our community to transform their current fitness program into a lifestyle.”

We look forward to implementing these upgrades to Cardinia Life and welcome this new and exciting chapter for all members and guests. Keep up to date with all that is happening at Cardinia Life by following our social media channels.

During this install period minimal disruption is planned in the Health Club and Cycle Studio with exact timelines of the installation to be communicated to members soon.