Assessment and Progression

At PRTC, Students are assessed throughout the term.

Weekly Grading

Each week your coaches will give your child a score on;

  • Sportsmanship: Showing respect and encouraging others, playing by the rules, and having a good attitude no matter the outcome of the game.
  • Game improvement: Demonstrating improvement in tennis skills.
  • Dedication: Proving your commitment to learning by listening to your coaches, and working hard during class.
  • Enthusiasm: Approach each activity with a positive attitude and demonstrate an interest in all aspect of learning the game.
  • Resilience: Ability to work through tough on court emotions to play their best at all times.

At the end of each month, the student who has accumulated the highest score across all classes and levels will be awarded the high honour of being named Hot Shot of the Month! They will receive a Prize Pack and have their name added to our Hall of Fame.

Meet this month’s Hot Shot of the Month

End of Term Assessment:

Progress will be assessed as per the Tennis Australia Hot Shots competencies at the beginning and end of each term, coaches will then let you know if your child is ready to progress to the next stage.

A copy of these competencies can be found on the Hot Shots notice board at the PRTC entrance. We highly encourage students and parents to look at these together and use them to set goals throughout the term.

Students looking to accelerate their development are recommended to pursue the following options:

  • Hot Shots Development Squad
  • Hot Shot Match Play
  • Book a Private or Semi-Private Lesson
  • Hire a court at PRTC to play with a friend or family member outside of coaching

Please contact your coach if you wish to inquire about your child’s progress and pathway.

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