Henny Penny Hatching Program

The Henny Penny Hatching Program has come to Cardinia Life crèche this week.

With 3 one-day-old chickens and 12 eggs, the program comes with a lot of anticipation and excitement.

Over the first week the children have been watching the eggs crack before our tiny little chickens have emerged. When they first hatch, the chickens need to spend a few hours in the incubator where the children have watched them try to stand and stretch their legs as they dry. Once dry, the children have been helping to move the chickens to the larger pen where a heat lamp warms them.

Throughout the experience, the children have enjoyed holding and caring for our new friends, as well as coming in each morning to see how many chickens have hatched overnight.

As the Program comes to an end, families are able to adopt the chickens, with special adoption packs to help with their care.  To find out more about the program check out www.hennypennyhatching.com.au