September is Water Awareness Month at Cardinia Leisure.

We are committed to understanding and improving the ways in which we use our utilities. At Cardinia Life, the Cardinia Shire Council have heavily invested in water harvesting initiatives, rain water capture, recycling and treatment technologies – all which help us deliver sustainable water use practices.

The demand for water at Cardinia Life is one of the highest within the Cardinia Shire, we do have over 775,000L of pool water after all! We save water by using water saving shower heads, timers, low flow taps and a power of operational procedures to do our bit, but here’s a few simple ways you can chip in and help reduce our environmental impact!

–          Feeling unwell? Stay home and rest – we’ll see you when you’re back on your feet!

The pool can be a great place for fun and exercise, but harmful contaminants and bacteria are difficult to treat, by introducing these into our facilities, our pool treatment needs to increase – and we turn over much more water!

–          Talk to us

Cardinia Life is a big place, we have plenty of taps, showers, sinks and toilets, we also have a pool or three! It’s not always possible for us to identify issues right away, but if you do notice a leaking pipe, or a dripping shower – let us know, we’ll take it from there!

–          Keep your showers short!

We know you don’t love smelling like chlorine. A quick rinse and a scrub will do the trick!

–          Turn tight!

You’d be amazed by the amount of taps we find left running, dripping, leaking away down the drain. Remember to turn tight, every drop adds up. If you find this hard, we have a great gym facility and fantastic staff to help you improve your grip game!
If you can help us out with the above, we can do the rest! We’ll keep you updated throughout the month with other ways we can all do our bit!