Floorball Summer 2019/20


Cardinia Life is home to the Pakenham Floorball Club.
Floorball is an innovative new sport that is quickly spreading across the world. Floorball is a fast paced indoor sport that blends the greatest elements of

Summer 2019/20 Season

Register Floorball Team:
Registrations for Floorball can be made online via: https://sportfix.net/cardinialife


Cardinia Leisure Floorball Competition Booklet- Summer 2019-20


To ensure your team is entered for a Round 1 start, please register your team before timely registrations close Sunday September 22. All entries received after the this may be subject to a delayed start based on when the registration is received and processed.
Please note that all competitions are dependent on a sufficient number of entries and court space.
Final team registrations will be accepted no later than Friday November 8. Any team registrations received after this date will be subject to approval from the relevant competition Sports Captain

Go in the draw to win four weeks FREE!
ALL teams that enter for the Summer 2019/20 season will go into the draw to Win 4 Weeks of Game Fees FREE. To be eligible, register your team before timely registrations close on Sunday September 22. Winners will be notified prior to the Round 1 game.

Registrations & Game Fees
Registrations will be payable at time of team registration, whereas Game Fees will be payable each week prior to your team taking the court.

Should you have any questions relating to team entry or any other domestic sports related matters, please contact our Sports Captains at Cardinia Life Stadium via email sports.cardinia@alignedleisure.com.au

Visit the Pakenham Floorball Club website for more info on this new sport and how to get involved.


Heat Policy