EVOLT 360 Body Scanner now available at Cardinia Life

What is a Body Scan?

A Body Composition Scan is a quick, non-invasive bioelectrical impedance measurement that can determine various results by different signals in your body. It allows for targeted dietary, exercise and lifestyle advice plans to be developed.

The whole process takes less than one minute and will provide you with information relating to:

Skeletal Muscle Mass

Protein Mass

Body Fat (kg & %)

Bone Mineral Content

Total Body Water

Visceral Fat (kg)

Age Match to Body

Basal Metabolic Rate

Plus much, much more!

With this information, you can gain an understanding of your health and fitness and determine what you need to work on.

Body Scan appointments are 30 minutes in duration to allow your trainer to provide a detailed explanation of your results.


Before attending a body scan session we ask that you:

* Make sure you are fully hydrated

* Preferably no caffeine consumption up to 3 hours before

* Be prepared to remove shoes and socks

Download EVOLT Active App and login (or we can help you create an account on the day of your scan)


These Body Scans are FREE for Health & Wellness members.

Book your body scan today! Call us on 5945 2888 or speak with a trainer in the health club.