Energy Reduction – Appliances

Throughout April we will be coming to you with different ways in which you can reduce your energy usage and protect the environment, all whilst saving some cash!

Household appliances are the number one user of energy in our lives. In 2018 we’re spoilt for choice, and whilst our gadgets may help us in a number of ways – they can also tick away at our carbon footprint.


Here’s are some ways you can have your cake and eat it too!

  1. Unplug your appliances when they’re not in use:
    Your TV, computer, microwave and even some washing machines have a ‘standby’ mode, which means they’re still using energy even when they’re not in use.
  2. Buy appliances with a good energy rating:
    The more stars, the better – but think about size first. Often it’s easier for a larger model to be more efficient (and therefore have more stars) than a smaller one. However, since it is bigger, its overall energy consumption is usually higher.
  3. Pick the right washing machine:
    Although they usually cost more to buy, most front-loader washing machines save you money over time and are kinder to the environment because they use less power, water and detergent than top loaders.
  4. Choose an energy-efficient fridge:
    Your fridge and freezer is working non-stop and the energy it consumes adds up quickly. All new fridges sold in Australia must meet Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS). Look for a model that uses a hydrocarbon, such as butane or pentane, as the refrigerant and/or blowing agent for the insulation foam. All fridges on the market are CFC-free, so don’t base you purchase decision on “CFC free” labels.