Throughout the month we’ve been coming to you with ways to reduce your energy use and spend around the house, and play your part in assisting in environmentally sustainable practices.

Here are some little adjustments you can make to your heating and cooling, that will go a long way to kicking some environmental goals.




Heating and Cooling

Insulate your roof or ceiling:
This will help keep your home a pleasant temperature in summer and winter. It saves you money on energy bills and pays for itself over a relatively short time.

You can draught-proof your home by making sure doors and windows are properly sealed – you can buy draught excluders or window seals very cheaply.

Seal your chimney with a damper:
This will help to keep heat from escaping in winter – assuming the fireplace isn’t in use – and help stop hot air from coming in during the warmer months.

Close all external windows and doors:
This is especially important when your heater or air conditioner is running.

Shade your windows:
During hot summer days this will help to keep the heat out, and on cold nights curtains or blinds help to keep the heat in.

Turn on the air conditioner early:
If you have an air conditioner, try to use it only on really hot or humid days, and if you expect a hot day, pre-empt the heat rather than waiting until your home is already hot.