Did you know you can help keep our pools safe?

Cardinia Leisure’s aquatic facilities are a great place to learn to swim and have fun, but it is important for everyone’s health and safety that our pools are clean and safe at all times.

You can help us by:

1. SWIM NAPPIES – If your child is not completely toilet trained and wears a diaper please ensure that they are wearing a waterproof swimming nappy when they are in the pool. These nappies can be purchased from Cardinia Life both disposable and reusable. If your child does have an accident whilst in the pool please notify one of our staff members straight away.

2. ILLNESS – If you have been sick or have diarrhoea symptoms please stay out of the water. We recommend that you also not swim for 14 days after it the symptoms have stopped as you may still be contagious.

3. PRERINSE – Showering before you swim is important as this will assure that you don’t bring dirt germs and bacteria into the pool.

4. TOILET BREAKS – If you are swimming with children please take them on regular toilet breaks.

5. WATCH AROUND WATER – If you visit our aquatic facilities with children please familiarise yourself with the recently updated Watch Around Water policy that is enforced at all Cardinia Leisure aquatic facilities. To view our Watch Around Water policy please click HERE