Conditions of Entry – Stadium Sessions (Court Hire)

Last Updated on 19 June 2020.

In line with current Victorian Government restrictions, Cardinia Life, herein referred to as “The Centre” will be operating under a restricted model for stadium access and court bookings.

Users wishing to access the facility for stadium use will be permitted to do so under these Conditions of Entry.

By submitting a booking to The Centre, you agree to abide by all Conditions of Entry as outlined in this document.

Booking policy

  1. Bookings will be accepted for team trainings
  2. All sessions must be booked prior to arrival
  3. All user groups/teams must provide an attendance register of all players and their spectators including contact details for all sessions


  1. 20 players/participants will be permitted per court
  2. 1 spectator is permitted per player/participant
  3. Additional siblings or non-essential spectators of players will not be permitted
  4. Teams must bring their own sports equipment. No communal sports equipment will be available.
  5. Only 2 balls will be permitted to be brought into the Centre per team

Social distancing, safety, health and hygiene

  1. All persons entering the stadium are responsible for adhering to social distancing, health and hygiene guidelines as outlined within The Centre and including:
    1. Always keeping a 1.5 metre distance between yourself and others
    2. Adhering to assigned entry and exit points
    3. Staying home if you have cold or flu symptoms, or have been in contacted with a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 carrier
    4. Washing your hands often with soap and covering coughs and sneezes
  2. Change room and shower use should be limited where possible by arriving in appropriate attire
  3. All stadium entrants must adhere to the standard Conditions of Entry to The Centre
  4. It is desired that all teams provide their own hand sanitiser, and ensure all stadium entrants are sanitising their hands prior to and following each session
  5. All participants/players must bring their own water bottle and personal sweat towel. Users will not be permitted entry into the stadium without these items.

General Procedures

  1. All stadium entrants must do so via the signed temporary entry / exit points
  2. All stadium entrants should arrive at the main entrance no earlier than 10 minutes prior to the session commencing. Due to strict capacity limits, early entry will not be permitted.
  3. The one-hour booking consists of 60 minutes in the facility, commencing at the scheduled booking time.
  4. Following the conclusion of the session, stadium entrants will have 10 minutes to exit the stadium
  5. Centre staff will provide instructions when it is time to exit. At this time everyone must immediately prepare to exit the Centre.
  6. Late arrivals must access the stadium within their booking hour and cannot carry over into the next hour.

Stadium Usage Procedures – Team Training Only

  1. Teams will be required to leave within 10 minutes of their session booking concluding, and entry only permitted 10 minutes prior to the commencement of their booking.
  2. Training sessions are capped at a maximum of 60 minutes in line with Basketball Victoria and Netball Victoria guidelines
  3. There will be a minimum of 20 minutes between one session concluding and the next session commencing
  4. Courts may be used as a whole court with 20 participants/players, or separated into two halves with 10 participants/players permitted per half
  5. Full contact training is permitted for junior teams
  6. Non-contact training only is permitted for adult teams

Failure to comply with the above terms and conditions of entry may result in restrictions for future bookings.