Coach By Colour is coming to the Cycle Studio

What is Coach By Colour®?

IC7 Indoor Cycles feature Coach By Colour®, a light-up LED display that shows your power colour zones. They indicate the effort each rider is expending, tailored to their own abilities. A Functional Threshold Power (FTP) test measures a user’s personal fitness level and establishes their 5 colour training zones. These zones determine a user’s maximum effort, light effort, and everything in between. Riders are led through a journey based on these colours to optimise training results. This technology, which is used by professional cyclists, allows instructors to create a customised ride based on physical exertion and energy zones. It puts all riders on a level playing field by being held accountable to their own zones. Since these vary from person to person, FTP empowers cycling classes to achieve unified targets, while everyone is catering to their own fitness levels. These classes cater for EVERY fitness level so come and give it a try!

NEW Group Fitness Timetable Starting Monday 29th July


* Wednesdays 9.30am with Sarah

* Thursdays 5.30pm with Skye