Over the past few seasons, Netball Victoria has progressively been moving all associations over to the Netball Victoria Membership ID (previously known as VNA) model. We have currently made the transition to this model with our Junior competitions; and will now be doing this with the Seniors, Mixed and Mid-Week Ladies competitions.

Why is this changing?

This will provide all Netball competitions within the Pakenham Netball Association are affiliated with Netball Victoria. Having this affiliation will help to assist in the growth and development of Netball within the Cardinia Shire; providing greater administration, sports management pathways and systems, and an improved insurance model for players.

This model provides the opportunity to assist Netball Victoria in delivering the most cost effective insurance they can provide through bulk discounts. Additionally, this will provide greater movement of players across all Netball Victoria leagues, reducing the costs many of players competing in multiple competitions across different associations, with only a single one off insurance fee.

Prices can be found in the table below.

NVM Prices Table

How do I register?

You can register for your Netball Victoria Membership in the Pakenham Netball Association here.

Your Netball Victoria Membership is managed through the MyNetball online portal. From here you will be able to track your registrations for team you have played for throughout the years, as well as manage your personal details and Netball Victoria Membership to ensure you are always up to date.

This will also assist when registering each season, with greater ease in adding players to team registrations, with all details in one place, as we switch across to operate under the MyNetball fixture and sports competition management system.

If the Summer season runs over 2 calendar years, will I have to pay again in January?

No. Once registered into a current competition, and you have a valid Victorian Netball Membership ID, you are covered for the full season regardless of whether the season runs within or across calendar years.

For a season falling within a calendar year (Between Jan & Dec), a player is covered by their Victorian Netball Membership insurance across all Netball Victoria competitions.

For a season that run across two calendar years (continuing through Dec-Jan), this will only provide insurance for your registered “home association” competitions (PNA). To give you coverage for additional association competitions, an additional Victorian Netball Membership will be required to be registered with the other association.

As an example, if you purchase your insurance for the start of the upcoming Winter season at Cardinia Life in April, this will provide you coverage across both the Winter 2017 within the PNA and any additional Netball Victoria competitions and Summer 17/18 seasons within the PNA.

What about fill ins?

Should you not have a current Netball Victoria Membership, and/or playing as a fill in for a team, Single Game Vouchers (SGV) are available to players who play ‘one off’ matches. Players can purchase a voucher from the front desk for $10, and covers you for insurance only for one (1) game. Participants do not become members of NV. Insurance can be purchased at any given time during a season and remains valid for the rest of the calendar year.

Will the team registration fee be going up?

No. Registrations fees will remain at $85 for Seniors and $62 for Juniors. No additional costs for insurance will be required which was previously the case, as it is now covered by the Victorian Netball Membership.

Will the team sheet fee be going up?

No. Team sheets will remain at $70 per game for Seniors and $62 per game for Juniors. Also note that we do not charge an admission fee unlike other venues.


Please ensure you have registered for your Netball Victoria Membership prior to the Winter 2017 season.


If you have any questions please feel free to email our Sports department at