Cardinia Life’s return to sport COVID guidelines

With the resumption of Junior Sport for both Netball and Basketball in the upcoming days, we would just like to provide an update with where our current restrictions and guidelines for our Stadiums are currently are.

While we do currently enjoy further freedom than we did prior to Christmas, this is also extended into our stadiums, however do still have some guidelines in place, to ensure we are not over our venue capacity limits.

A summary of these guidelines are as follows:

  • Masks are to be worm while in our stadium and it is currently mandatory that all attendees are wearing masks when entering and leaving the facility as per current government guidelines.
  • More than one spectator per player is now allowed. We are still encouraging that only those required to attend, do attend (Mum, Dad and Siblings is permitted). What we are currently encouraging is no extended family outings at games currently take place and that aunties and uncles, nana and grandpas etc. (unless primary carer on that day), wait until we have further easing on capacity guidelines.  Please note siblings are still requested to remain with parents while attending games to prevent any unnecessary crossover between courts.
  • Teams and players are still encouraged to arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before their game, and are still encouraged to leave as early as possible after the game concludes. It is requested that any after game team meetings please take place outside our venues to ensure we remain within capacity limits during crossover of games.
  • Emergency Exits located next to courts 4 & Courts 8 are still our preferred method of exit at Cardinia Life to prevent as much unnecessary crossing of paths during the crossover of games.
  • All spectators are encouraged to practice social distancing while attending games.

We look forward to  seeing more patrons back at the facility over the coming weeks as our junior competitions return for 2021.