Cardinia Life awarded Communication Access Symbol

Cardinia Life is proud to announce that it has recently been awarded the
Communication Access Symbol. This symbol helps Cardinia Shire community members who experience communication difficulties the confidence that they will be treated with respect and as valued customers each time they visit. This symbol recognises that:

• Our staff have positive and welcoming attitudes towards all customers
• People with communication difficulties will be given time to get their message across
• Important written information is available in different formats
• Communication boards are available on request
• Our phone service is communication friendly and our staff are confident
with using the National Relay Service.

Keep an eye out for the Communication Access Symbol which will be proudly displayed here at both reception and the cafe.

Communication access aims to create a world where people who have
communication difficulties are able to communicate successfully with everyone, everywhere.

To find out more about this accreditation or Scope Australia please click HERE