We are aware that physical activity in our young people is increasingly becoming less of a priority, especially for young people in secondary school. Further to this the past year has seen added pressures of school closures and remote learning causing instability for students and even less motivation to get active. Year 10 is a critical year in a young person’s life and development where they start to make decisions regarding their future ambitions.

To support Cardinia’s Year 10 Students in getting active and creating healthy habits, Cardinia Leisure will provide a 40 visit Health and Fitness Pass to every year 10 student each year across all secondary schools within the Cardinia Shire by the end of 2022. The aim of this initiative is to encourage young people to start or continue exercising at least once per week during the school year and develop healthy and regular exercise habits.

This pathway approach will enable more young people throughout the Cardinia Shire increased access opportunities with a clear focus on increasing physical activity rates and healthy habits.

What is the Year 10 Activation Program?

It is a program designed to support Year 10 students across the shire to remain physically active through free facility access.

A 40-visit pass for Year 10 students to access the facilities at Cardinia Life (including the gym, stadium, group fitness and pools).

Why should students participate?

We understand young people aged 15 – 16 typically start to disengage from participating in sport and/or physical activity. We also know study demands begin to increase at this age. This combination can have a negative impact on an individual’s health and wellbeing. Therefore, we want to encourage this age group to find ways to continue to be physically active during these crucial development years as well as to help them establish positive physical activity habits for the rest of their life.

Would your school be interested in joining this program in 2022?

If your school is interested in participating in this program in 2022 please email: