Cardinia Leisure awarded Healthy Choices accreditation

On Tuesday July 30, Aligned Leisure in partnership with Monash Health and Cardinia Shire Council, held a launch at Cardinia Life for Healthy Choices. The launch celebrated Aligned Leisure’s continued success in striving for achievements in healthy eating, with three of the six leisure facilities they manage in Cardinia Shire now meeting the Healthy Choices guidelines

The Healthy Choices guidelines are a Victorian Government food and drink classification guide that uses a traffic light system to classify foods and drinks as green (best choices), amber (choose carefully) or red (limit). In January 2017 Monash Health started supporting Aligned Leisure with their menus, starting at Cardinia Life who had a pre menu assessment of 11% green items, 18% amber items and 71% red items. The menu is currently at: 53% green, 29% amber and 18% red. Similarly the pre menu assessment at Officer Hub in November 2017 was at: 17% green, 22% amber and 61% red. It now sits at: 59% green, 22% amber, 19% red. The pre menu assessment for Pakenham Regional Tennis centre in November 2017 started with: 17% green, 11% amber and 72% red. It currently is meeting the guidelines with: 52% green, 31% amber and 17% red. 

In addition to this work Aligned Leisure have adopted a Healthy Eating policy and are currently working through the Workplaces Achievement Program – a Victorian Government initiative that aims to encourage healthier lifestyles and prevent lifestyle related diseases. 

In attendance at the event was Cassandra Crothers-Swensson from Monash Health, Brittney Johnson from the Healthy Eating Advisory Service and Mayor Graeme Moore. After the formalities, guests engaged in a healthy morning tea of fruit and vegetables from Aligned Leisure’s newly revised catering menu. Congratulations to Aligned Leisure for their commitment to healthy eating for the Cardinia Shire community