Carbon Footprint Awareness Month

Any person, group of people, event or product has a carbon footprint. Everyone’s carbon footprint is different depending on your location, your habits and personal choices. Each of us contribute to greenhouse gas emissions either by the way we travel, the food we eat, the amount of electricity we consume and many other factors.

Here in Cardinia we believe that we all have a role to play in reducing our environmental impact, and there are some easy ways we can achieve this both in the workplace and around the house.

Already at Cardinia Life the Cardinia Shire Council have implemented a number of strategies to reduce our carbon footprint:
– Reduced food wastage.
– Sophisticated heating and cooling functions.
– Cogeneration gas and electricity technology.
– Energy efficient lighting.
– Water harvesting and recycled water options.

What you can do to improve your carbon footprint:
– Reduce your waste.
– Recycle products and buy recycled products.
– Buy locally produced foods and products with less packaging.
– Reduce the amount you drive.

Visit:, calculate your carbon footprint and get started today.