As of 28/07/2021

To All Basketball Teams and Players

Currently stadiums are guided by the 100 people per indoor space rule. In our stadium though we do have the ability to divide the stadium areas up into spaces in line with the directives released late on Tuesday night.

With the use of our court curtains located in between court 2 & 3 this will allow us to separate this area, and we are installing temporary partitions in between courts 6 & 7. These partitions are 2.4m high and will fall in line with the directive above to permit 2 spaces to be utilised in the courts 5-8 area.

The same also applies to the Officer Hub stadium, where the court curtain at courts 1 & 2 allows us to utilise separate spaces, within our stadium.

Further to the above there are restrictions in place for our competitions to be able to resume.

  • No Spectators are allowed, 1 Parent/Guardian/Carer is permitted per 18-year-old and under participant (or a carer for a person with a disability over 18)
  • Dependents are not allowed, due to the heavy restriction
  • All junior games will have a 20-minute break in between games to allow patrons filtering in and out during these times
  • All games will be scheduled for 2×18 minute halves
  • All teams are only permitted to enter the facility 10 minutes prior to their game commencing.
  • 2 ball limit per team to be brought in by the coach only, in line with Basketball Victoria return to sport guidelines.
  • All teams are required to depart as soon as games have concluded.
  • Exit of the facility will be through the emergency exits located next to court 4 and Court 8 at Cardinia LIFE during daylight hours and the emergency exit located at court 1 at the Officer Hub.
  • Masks must be worn by everyone; players and referees are exempt while undertaking physical activity
  • Scan Victoria Service App QR code upon entry

If you have any questions, please let me know. We look forward to seeing everyone back on the courts.

Kind regards,