Aligned Leisure is proud to announce the launch of AFL Active this November at the Pakenham Regional Tennis Centre.

AFL Active is a group fitness workout that can help participants burn calories and get fit & healthy in a new and fun way. It’s built on the principles of having variety in your workout by using the unique combination of endurance, speed, strength, agility and dynamic movement.

Sessions are split up into  four quarters of fun & fitness, in which participants will:

  • Burn over 600 calories over a 50-minute workout
  • Get fit like an AFL athlete without having to kick, mark or handball a footy
  • Get fit and feel strong through a varied, high intensity program
  • Get a total body workout and burn fat

What AFL Active is:

  • A group fitness session that promotes a friendly, social and fun way to improve your health & well being
  • A constantly changing, high intensity total body work out based on AFL principles and techniques
  • A versatile program that can be delivered anywhere
  • A program that is accommodating to all fitness levels

What AFL Active is not:

  • AFL Active is not a football training session
  • It doesn’t require any AFL skills
  • A competition – the only winner is your fitness
  • It isn’t a tedious and regimented work out, but rather based on variety and enjoyment

To register into the program participants may do so at Cardinia Life or Online at Payments can be made online or at the time of registering at Cardinia Life.