Launch into Spring with our new Group Fitness Timetable!

From September, members and guests will also be able to access our Virtual Fitness classes. Partnering with Les Mills, virtual classes are offered to complement the existing instructor-led timetable.




10 Things you need to know!

  1. Please collect tickets for classes either from reception or the links kiosk and place in the bin next to the group fitness stage
  2. System Audio and Projector has been programmed to be turned on automatically prior to the class start time
  3. In the event the screen/ system does not turn on, please see reception or a member of our Gym Team
  4. Members of our Team will be conducting active checks of classes throughout the day
  5. Virtual Group Fitness classes have been introduced to provide you as a member a greater range of class options across all hours of the day, not to replace Group Fitness Instructors
  6. CX Worx requires a matt, weight plate and resistance tube
  7. BODYCOMBAT requires the combat fighter inside you
  8. BODYPUMP  requires a weight bar, weights, step and matt
  9. BODYBALANCE requires a matt
  10. SH’BAM requires your inner Rockstar!

Les Mills Virtual workouts combine world-leading fitness programs with pumping sound and motivation from some of the hottest instructors on the planet all on a big screen.

New timetable commences Monday September 4, 2017.

Click here to download the 2017 Spring timetable.