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The Pakenham Regional Tennis Centre ANZ Hot Shots Coaching Program is designed by Tennis Australia to develop intelligent and skilled tennis players through a series of progressive stages using smaller courts, and modified equipment; lighter racquets and low-compression balls.

There are 4 Hot Shots stages to progress through, each targeting and building upon the different skills needed to play and enjoy tennis.

  • The first stage is the Blue Stage. This stage will help to stimulate motor skill development, build strength, balance, and general coordination.
  • The next is Red. Here, you will get an introduction to tennis, learn body coordination, spatial awareness, group interaction, and self-confidence.
  • Then Orange. At Orange the focus shifts to developing technique, the ability to rally, body coordination, plus challenge & concentration.
  • The final stage is Green. This stage teaches you to consolidate technique and swing patterns, game strategy, develop physical skills, discover the game, plus rules competition.


    Blue and Red Stage $10 per 30 minutes Session 
    Orange and Green Stage $12 per 45 minutes session

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